Thursday, July 20, 2006

News: Deer Poachers Pay the Price

Five Meigs County men have been convicted and fined more than $4,600 for poaching white-tailed buck deer following an 18-month investigation in southern Ohio.

The poachers - including a grandfather, father, and son - were charged with 37 misdemeanor violations, including spotlighting deer, hunting deer with a rifle, and improper tagging, all from two townships in their home county, the Ohio Division of Wildlife said.

Charles B. Williamson, 40, of Rutland, Ohio, was found guilty of 18 violations and was fined $2,320 and assessed $1,260 in court costs. He also was sentenced to 90 days in jail, with 76 days suspended, had hunting privileges suspended for five years, and was ordered by Meigs County Court judge Steven Story to complete 150 hours of community service and to serve five years probation. Read Full Story here.

Note to the non-hunting visitors to this Blog:

The media often uses the term "hunter" and "poacher" interchangeably. Thus creating sometimes the impression by the public at large that the two terms have the same meaning. But that is not so!

A Hunter is a person who has purchased a hunting license and fulfilled other obligatory requirements that permit that person to legally harvest wildlife for which a hunting season has been established for a limited time frame and within the frame of the strict game harvesting laws. Hunters also adhere to a strict ethical hunter code. Legal hunters are an important tool in the wildlife conservation and control.

A Poacher is a criminal who does not obey by any game harvesting and conservation laws and has not fulfilled any of the necessary requirements needed to become a legal hunter.

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Anonymous said...

Brennan Kramer shot a spike horn during DOE season!!!!!!!

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