Sunday, September 23, 2007

Corey’s First Buck

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Corey has been fly fishing for many years and still does so today, but about two years ago he discovered hunting and that is where our path crossed. Corey and I meet at the HuntingBC Forum where he had a lot of questions, as many novice hunters does, about many aspects of hunting. We he really got my attention was just before the first ever British Columbia spring turkey hunting season. It seems he was fascinated with turkey hunting and accordingly had many questions about the subject. Patiently and to my best knowledge I gladly gave him the answers to all his questions. We even exchanged emails where I was able to give him more detailed information about scouting, locating, calling tactics and ambush set ups.

Despite my help Corey failed to kill a turkey but made good for it during the waterfowl season were he harvested several nice ducks. That was just the success he needed to get fully hocked on hunting. The following fall spring season he tried his luck again on the turkeys but due to wet and miserable weather the birds were just not moving and he came back without shooting a bird. Once again he made up for it the fall when he harvested a fat mule deer doe.

Last week Corey posted on the SHS Hunting Chat Forum. “Me and my little BLR rifle finally put down my first buck. Just a little 2x3 but I couldn't be happier.” Of course I sent Corey right away an email telling him how exited I am for him. We live just a couple of towns apart from each other and I promised him that in the next spring turkey season I will accompany him and try my hardest to call a nice tom into shooting range for him.

Many years ago I have made it my personal dedication to recruit, introduce, and guide young and novice hunters as part of my personal commitment in the preservation of our hunting heritage. Today, “Passing the Heritage On” is a integrated part of Othmar Vohringer SHS. Each time I hear about one of “my” hunters harvesting a game animal, and be it only something small like a rabbit or grouse, I get exited and feel pride. To me such success stories of young and new hunters means that our hunting heritage has a silver lining on the horizon for a bright and continuous future. If we all do our part in passing our heritage on as to many young and new hunters as we possibly can then the antis will have no chance to destroy our hunting heritage.

This is Corey with his first mule deer buck, a nice little 2 x 3.

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