Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hornady Introduces new slug for deer hunters

© By Othmar Vohringer

Right in time for the upcoming deer hunting season Hornady introduces the new SST™ Shotgun Slug. With this new slug long range accuracy from a shotgun slug has become obtainable.

There was a time when hunting deer with a shotgun slug meant that getting in close to the game was a must. Those days are over. Hornady’s NEW SST™ Shotgun Slug transforms your favourite rifled barrel slug gun into a weapon that will outperform some centerfire rifles.

Hornady’s NEW SST™ Shotgun Slug allows you to bring unheard of accuracy and terminal performance to slug-only areas. The super-accurate SST™ bullet delivers sub-2" groups at 100 yards; and the flattest trajectory on the market.
The polymer tip of Hornady’s field-proven SST™ help it slice through the air, minimizing drop and wind drift. And, when the bullet strikes its target, the tip initiates violent expansion, transferring its energy payload to the target, ensuring a swift kill.

This season, step up to Hornady’s NEW SST™ Shotgun Slug and revolutionize your slug hunting experience and success.

The specs for the new slug are as follows according to Hornady:
The slug is available in 12 gauge, 2-3/4" length with a 300 grain SST bullet .500".
Velocity at muzzle 2000fts. (1341fts. At 200 yards). Energy (ft/lbs) at the muzzle 2664 and still has left 1198 ft/lbs. At 200 yards. Trajectory: Zeroed in at 150 yards. -0.9” at the muzzle, +2.4” at 50 yards, +2.7” at 100 yards, 0.0” at 150 yards and -6.7” at 200 yards.

For more information visit the Hornady Website.

I am looking forward to put this new slug through its paces in my Savage Model 210F Slug Warrior, given that this gun is a specialized centerfire rifle like slug gun I expect the new Hornardy SST™ slug to perform very well.

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Anonymous said...

Those look like some real nice slugs and by the way I really like your shotgun.
I have a brand new Mossberg 535 ATS that I haven't even fired a shot through yet so I think I am going to try those later and compare with a couple others.

Nice post, thanks.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for the compliment on my slug gun. I like hunting deer with a slug gun, always did, that is the reason why I purchased a dedicated slug gun rather than a modified one. Besides, our area in invested with black bears and you need a slug gun as defense when retrieving your game animals. Many bears here regard a rifle shot before bear season opens as dinner bell. The same is true during bow season. Should a bear hear a deer crashing through the woods or the release of the bowstring they come running. We always carry a slug gun around here, even during bowhunting season when we retrieve or field dress an animal.

“I have a brand new Mossberg 535 ATS…” Now that is what I call a coincident. I just purchased a Mossberg 535 last week as my new all-around waterfowl, upland and small game gun. Tomorrow I will take to the range and put it through its paces so that I will be ready when the upland bird season opens in ten days.

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