Thursday, November 06, 2008

Possible new state bowhunting record

© By Othmar Vohringer

In most U.S. States and Canadian provinces the early bowhunting season is over, and already the Internet is buzzing with news of huge whitetail deer bucks been taken everywhere.

An email that was sent to me claimed that Kyle Simmons, a bowhunter form Iowa, had arrowed the new possible state record buck. I could not find any additional information about the buck and if it really is the new Iowa state record. But it is a monster any which way you look at it.

The buck has 28 points and it looks like it will score close to 270”. The deer was taken on in October and we have to wait for the official drying period to be over before we get the final score on the bucks rack.

If any of you reading this has more information about this buck please shoot me a line. Thanks

1 comment:

Field-N-Water said...

OMG ! What a buck. I would freak if I seen that deer come to my stand. How he held it together to get the shot, I'll never know.

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