Thursday, December 11, 2008

Could you give me some advice on deer hunting tactics?

© By Othmar Vohringer

I just finished answering the sixth email that came in this morning with requests of advise on deer and turkey hunting tactics. While I like to help other hunters by giving them tips and advice I am always reluctant. Not that I want to hold back on my “secrets” but because it is difficult to advice somebody just going by a description without seeing the hunting property or at least a quality aerial photograph or topographical map as reference.

To help fellow hunters I have created a special and very unique service. To my knowledge it is the only service of that kind available to hunters anywhere in North America. To learn more about the Hunting Strategy & Hunting Property Evaluation
visit my website.

It’s a very unique service that will help hunters to make stand location choices without the time consuming chore of scouting. I am not guaranteeing 100% hunting success with my predictions. There are many influences such as weather, changing food sources, human activity and more that can and will alter deer movement patterns. But my service will take 90% of the guesswork out of scouting and stand location choice. The beauty of my method is that geographical structures/strategies are a constant that can be capitalized on for hunting purposes for generations to come. The fee for this service is negligible in comparison to the time, effort and money you have to spend to scout for days and weeks. All you need to do is look at the map where I marked out all the likely locations for you, and scout these particular spots according to my recommendations.
Scouting never has been that easy.

This service is part of my ongoing effort to assist hunters in becoming more successful and spend more time hunting and less time wondering and worrying.

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EcoRover said...

Nice blog, Othmar. I especially enjoyed the young man's buck tale (and I share his preference for the 257 Roberts as a deer cartridge).

Here in SW Montana we tend to think of white-tails as a source of meat that fills the gaps between the wrapped elk in the freezer, but having grown up in the Alleghenies I have great respect for wiley old white-tail bucks.

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