Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Local Town makes Deer Hunting Legal

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Good news for hunters in and near the New York town of Southold. Due to increasing problems with the growing whitetail deer population in the town it has been decided to issue deer hunting permits.

December is breeding season, so town owned land normally reserved for nature enthusiasts for the first time ever will be open to hunters Wednesdays through Saturdays.

"Too many people are getting hurt by deer on the road they need to be thinned out," said Chris Schwarting.

Deer out here don't have any natural predators. They're causing more traffic accidents than ever and the herds are devouring vegetation at an alarming rate.
"They eat all the plants," Schwarting said. "The flowers everything."

Hunting is only open to archers. The town says birth control methods are too expensive, unreliable, and bad for the environment.

The supervisor says opening up Southold to hunting will not only benefit those who live here, but in these difficult economic times benefit the less fortunate in surrounding areas.

"We're going to generate a lot of venison and we're going to donate that venison to Feed NY and others," Russell said.

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Anonymous said...

That really is good news. It's time that somebody recognized the growing problems of a growing deer population.

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