Sunday, August 09, 2009

Early Season Scouting

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The early season can be a very though time to kill a big buck. The vegetation is lush which makes deer hard to see and food is plentiful. To find the perfect early season stand location a hunter has to consider what I refer to as the four factors of scouting. These factors are the building blocks for proper early season scouting.

The beauty is ones a hunter understands what the four factors are he can apply these anywhere and anytime during the deer hunting season and predict the best ambush locations for deer long before the deer use a given area. The four factors are; Food, Cover, Terrain and Structure. It is these factors that determine deer movement at any time during the season. A good hunter understands these factors and how they relate to each other.

I have written an article in which I explain the four factors and how they dictate deer movement patterns. Read the article and I guarantee that it will improve your early season scouting efforts.

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