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Ask Othmar: Hunting Deer on a Small Property

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Q. I have permission to hunt on about 40-acre property in a suburb. It is a small block consisting mainly of hardwoods and a small open grassy area. It’s got houses on two sides and a highway on the other end. I’ve never hunted such a small place in close proximity to houses and people but I’ve seen lots of deer in that area. My question is how do I hunt these deer without putting too much pressure on them?

A. Don’t worry about pressuring these deer too much. Suburban deer are used to seeing and hearing people close up everyday. In other words, suburban deer are accustomed to humans, vehicles and human noise.

To hunt these deer successfully forget everything you have ever read, heard or seen about hunting tactics. You even can forget everything about human odour control. Forget about sneaking in before daylight.

Instead try to match your coming and going to the activity of the people living around the area, children going to school, people going and coming from work and so on. That’s what the deer are used to and if you try to sneak around they will know you’re different and get scared.

Match your movement to what the deer are used too.

Leave all your calls, rattling antlers and scent at home. Just find the active trails leading in and out of the woodlot and hang stands accordingly.

I have killed a nice buck on a small 30-acre property just sitting behind a tree near an active trail intersection. I shot the deer about 50 yards next to a schoolyard. The deer didn’t mind the noise from the children because they were used to it. I used the time when the children went to school to walk into my stand. A half hour later the buck walked down the trail right in front of my arrow. Don't rely on your normal hunting tactics on small lots. It will cost you deer.

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Hey I enjoyed your blog, and am now a follower! Thanks for sharing.


Othmar Vohringer said...

I am glad you find my blog informative and helpful.


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