Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BC Outdoors Hunting & Shooting Magazine

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The BC Outddors, Hunting & Shooting summer edition magazine is now available on the newsstands all over British Columbia. If you want to improve your early season bowhunting success you need to read my article, “The Four Factors of Deer Movement”. In the article I outline what the four factors are and how they influence deer movement patterns. Once you understand the four factors and how they relate to each other you will be able to find stand locations that get you with predictable accuracy into deer hot spots every time.

BC Outdoors has also a new website featuring hunting blogs and a forum. I am one of the blog writers. On the blog I provide the latest British Columbia related hunting information, news, hunting strategy tips and much more. Check it out and join the conversations or ask me a question.

On the BC Outdoors Forum I go by the handle “Huntwriter” and if you’re a hunter or angler from British Columbia or interested in hunting and fishing opportunities in BC then this is the place for you to join. I look forward to welcome you to the BC Outdoors Internet campfire.

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