Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have you started scouting yet? You should!

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Here in British Columbia the bowhunting season opens September 1st. due to work I am late with scouting this year but all of next week I will be out there checking things out. A friend said to me today, “I am done scouting. I put out a few game cameras and all I have to do now is to check them for pictures and then hang my stands.”

Boy if it only would be that easy. Game cameras tell you nothing, other that a deer walked by the camera. It won’t tell you why the deer walked that trail, where it is coming from and where it went. Having a picture of a deer walking along a trail is no guarantee that the deer will use that same trail a month or two later when the hunting season opens.

To predict with a certain measure of accuracy which trail deer will use on the season opener we need to scout with the four factors of deer movement in mind. The four factors are, FOOD, COVER, TERAIN and STRUCTURE, in that order. In my article “The Four Factors Of Deer Movement”, published in the BC Outdoors magazine I’ve outlined a scouting method that is fool prove and will take the guesswork out of scouting.

You can read the full article here.

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Iron Cooker said...

I really enjoyed reading your article and I have posted a story in my blog on food plots you may like to read

I think you have done a fantastic job of detailing the subject, and especially the focus on FOOD, COVER, TERAIN and STRUCTURE. Couldn't hit the nail on the head better. I will be following your blog in the future. Very nicely done, Keep up the good work.

Deer Hunter said...

You are right on the money about the cameras. I am going to check out your article in the BC Outdoors Magazine.

Deer Hunter said...

I just came back to this article to say that if you are Deer hunter. You should check out his article at BC Outdoors magazine. His link isn't very visible to so i am posting it below as well.

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