Monday, July 04, 2011

Start Your Deer Scouting Now

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The summer just started, well here in BC it did, and that is about the time where I start to drive along the field edges in the evening to look for deer. I am not interested yet in figuring out travel patterns. It’s to early for that. Deer hunting season is still a few months away and deer will have changed their patterns by then. But it is a good time to start a deer inventory of sorts. The bucks start to grow their antlers and most fawns are born.

Armed with a camera, binoculars and a notepad I check how many does, fawns and bucks are in the fields. I make careful notes of the time the does and fawns enter the field in the evening and at what time the bucks come out. I make notes about how many deer I see and how many of them are does, fawns and bucks. I also write down the size and age of the bucks, from what direction they enter the field and in which direction they leave.

This observations give me a pretty good idea how many deer there are in my area, what the sex and age structure is, it's a good starting point to go by when the serious scouting begins in about another month. By the beginning of August my scouting for the early season will be done and the stands are in place.


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