Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deer Hunting In Your Backyard

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How would you like to bowhunt deer in your own backyard? Well, if you’re a resident of Smithfield, North Carolina you can do that. According to an article in The Herald Smithfield's town council has voted to allow residents to hunt in their own yards this hunting season. The decision has been made in an effort to reduce the deer populations in town. In previous years the police had been paid to take care of problem deer, which has been an expensive endeavour for the taxpayers. Letting hunters do the same job in their own backyard, or others with written permission form the landowners, doesn’t cost the taxpayers a single dollar.

Hunting permits will be issued for archery only, during deer hunting season, and those participating must follow the hunting rules plus a few additional rules. Hunting is only permitted from treestands, at 8 ft off the ground, and must be 150 feet from a dwelling. These are some of the lighter restrictions for in town hunting in North Carolina. One councilman tried to allow hunters to be able to hunt from the ground to make it easier for seniors who might have problems climbing into a tree stand, but that proposal was dismissed as being unsafe. Shooting from an elevated position in areas where people live close by makes sense to me. An arrow shot from a treestand will go into the ground, versus travelling horizontally and could end up harming a person or pet.


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Adam said...

That's good they get to bow hunt in their backyard. I bow hunt in my back yard and would not want it any other way.

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