Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hunting Success Is The Result Of Learning

(Originally published in the Merritt News - Othmar Vohringer The Outdoorsman)

© By Othmar Vohringer

Over the years the one thing I’ve noticed about successful hunters is a trait they all have in common: Knowledge! Successful hunters have spent many years perfecting their skills and have studied the habits and behaviours of animals. They have learned how wild animals use the landscape features to navigate around in their territory and because of this they know what features to look for that enables them to encounter wildlife. Knowledge permits the hunter to make an educated decision on where to go and at what time of the season and day, and if he should be in a particular spot in the morning or afternoon.

Hunters who lack knowledge will have to depend on luck. Luck, however, is fickle. Sometimes it comes to you the very first time but more often than not it ignores you for all of your life. Is there a shortcut to becoming a successful hunter? A way to shave off years of learning by trial and error? Yes there is! By learning from successful hunters that are willing to share their “secrets.”

I’ve been fortunate in that I started hunting at a very young age, learning from my father and other experienced hunters from childhood on. My chosen profession as an animal behaviourist was a tremendous asset too in increasing my hunting success. Not every hunter is as fortunate. In fact most hunters these days do not come from a hunting background where they could rely on family members to coach them. Often other hunters are not willing to teach new hunters for fear of creating competition for themselves.

It is these considerations and the desire to help young and new hunters on their journey to success that led me to pursue a second career as an outdoor writer and seminar speaker. Over the years I’ve received many letters from hunters claiming that one of my magazine articles or seminars has helped them to become successful hunters. I am deeply humbled by such compliments but also very happy that in some way I could contribute to someone’s success. To me this is a big part of our hunting heritage: passing our knowledge on to a new generation and by doing so preserving our heritage for the future.

In that spirit I decided to bring my popular bowhunting seminars to Merritt. Beginning on December 5th I am hosting a four evening long bowhunting seminar in the Merritt Civic Centre. The course will cover every aspect of hunting such as; bow choices, learning to shoot, scouting, equipment discussion, hunting tactics and strategies, using attractant scent and game calls plus so much more. In this seminar every hunter will learn how to be successful, not only bowhunters. To book a seat contact the Merritt Civic Centre, 250 – 315 – 1050 or the Nicola Valley Aquatic Centre 250 – 378 – 6662. I hope to see and personally meet many of you at this course.

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TYNI said... nailed it on the head! I'm still of the younger generation, but have poured myself into anything and everything that is hunting (whitetail specifically). You can find me reading hunting articles year round, and shoot I study aerials more than anyone I've met personally.

I consider yourself to be one of the "old timers", and I don't mean that in a bad way; simply your one of the seasoned hunters everyone can safely listen to for guidance or advice. It is guys like yourself and all the others I have and still am absorbing knowledge from that has allowed me to begin sharing what I know with others at my blog! (hope it's okay but I have a link for your blog on mine)

Keep up the great work and hopefully I can catch you in person sometime!

John Pruskowski said...

OV... I could not agree with you more. You are either relying on knowledge that only time spent afield can give you, or you are relying on luck. There is no doubt that luck plays a part for all of us in the equation, but it shouldn't be the biggest part! If that is your hunting plan you will be disappointing more often than not.

Redneck Deer Blinds said...

Knowledge is everything, I watch and read every mag and video that I can get my hands on. Its best to learn from the older more experienced ones....

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