Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is Shed Antler Hunting Licensing In Our Future?

© By Othmar Vohringer

The thought that we need a license to collect shed antlers seems ridiculous to many hunters. Yet if new laws in Nevada, Utah and Montana catch on with other states shed antler licensing could soon become a nationwide mandatory requirement.

Utah requires a mandatory “Antler Gathering Ethics” course and established season dates during which hunters can gather them.

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted to prohibit shed antler collection between January 1st and April 15th. It is not required to be licensed to go shed antler hunting. However such a step might be considered in the future.

Montana established antler colleting seasons for all their Wildlife Management Units. It’s interesting to note that Montana, Nevada and Utah claim that the increasing popularity of shed antler hunting made such regulation necessary. We have seen it before when governments sense “increased popularity” in an activity they also sense revenue that could be obtained and therefore a “need” to regulate and license.


Jess | Blackbuck Hunting said...

Hmmn, I wonder how it can affect the activity of hunters. This is totally unfair if they are imposing licensing regulations for revenue.

Cliff @ Advanced Hunter said...

That certainly does seem like a ridiculous regulation. Could the peta crowd be behind this? I mean, picking up sheds does not damage the landscape, what could possibly be the harm?

Nicaragua Duck Hunting said...

Yeah agree with Jess but at some point that all the revenue will go to rehabilitation of their habitat I guess I don’t need to argue.


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