Monday, November 13, 2017

Attracting More Bucks With A Horizontal Rub Tree

© By Othmar Vohringer

One aspect of hunting that has always intrigued me is the fact that you always learn something new. It’s no different now after hunting whitetail deer for over 25 years, every time I go scouting, hunting or talk to fellow hunters I learn something new. Hunting is indeed a continues education process.

Last week I learned from a video (linked at the bottom of this column) that hunters can attract more bucks if they install a horizontal rub tree. The story goes that in 2015 Ted Miller, while researching elk, observed that bull elk liked to rub their antlers on fallen (horizontal) trees. As an avid deer hunter he thought that whitetail bucks might like to that too.

Back home he went about to install several horizontal rub trees by tying small tree trunks between two trees and on fence posts. Game cameras hung up nearby showed that whitetail bucks, like the elks he observed, not only liked the horizontal rub trees, they also visited them regularly. In addition more bucks from neighboring properties came to visit these rubbing trees too.

The idea of horizontal rub trees is simple and easy to implement, so easy in fact that I decided to try that out at the end of this hunting on public land where I mostly hunt. Here in British Columbia where I hunt this is legal. With that said if you would like to make a horizontal rub tree too on public land it is wise to consult with your regional hunting laws first.

There are a few spots where I hunt that are ideal for that type of tactic and my Muddy Game cameras should quickly provide the evidence if horizontal rub trees work of BC whitetail and mule deer too.

If you already have some experience with horizontal rub trees please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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