Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Deer Contest 2008

© By Othmar Vohringer

The annual big deer contest has become a tradition here at Whitetail Deer Passion over the past three years. The prize for the winning entry is very special and has been provided by the good folks at Versus Country - home of the best hunting shows on TV.

The winning prize for this year’s contest is a 2-disc set of Whitetail Revolution with over three hours of pure hunting excitement and thrills to be enjoyed by the avid whitetail deer hunter. Whitetail Revolution features an all-star cast of North America’s top whitetail deer experts: Larry Weishuhn, Mark Kayser, Ron Spomer and Mike Hanback. These avid hunters travel to the far corners of the North American continent in search of the biggest whitetail bucks while demonstrating aggressive hunting tactics from rattling to spot-and-stalk to deer drives. These experts share their secrets and combined wealth of knowledge for more accurate tracking and rattling in the monster buck of your dreams. Besides the exciting hunts and know-how, Mike Hanback shares with you the locations and profiles of the continent’s best whitetail deer hunting locations. This DVD set is a must-have for every serious whitetail hunter.

Big Deer Contest 2008 rules:

The contest is open from November 12, 2008 and closes on January 31, 2009 midnight (Pacific Time Zone).

All legally taken deer (doe and bucks of all sizes) with bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun and rifle are accepted. Each entry will be numbered. On the closing date the numbers will be entered into the computer and the winner will be established through a random number chosen by a special computer’s “random number program”.

Only one submission per family and only by the hunter who legally took the deer is permitted to enter the contest. The only expectation to this rule is where a parent or other legal guardian enters the contest on behalf of an underage child.

All entries will be posted here at Whitetail Deer Passion in the order they are received. By entering the contest the contestant grants us all the rights to republish the story and picture in any way we see fit for promotion or publication in other outlets such as print or web based media.

The winning contestant will be personally notified after January the 31st 2009.

Contest submission guideline:

The entry picture should depict the animal in a non-offensive and ethical manner. (No blood and guts picture). Submit the picture with a short description of the hunt (no more than a paragraph or two), plus some technical data such as type, model and brand of bow or firearm, ammunition, arrow, broadhead, treestand, blind, camouflage, scent and other “gadgets” that were used on that hunt. Also include the name and age of the hunter and the location where the deer was taken and the weather conditions plus what time (morning, afternoon, evening) of day the deer was shot.

So lets get cracking and send these entries in by email and may your entry be the winner of Versus Country 2-set DVD Whitetail Revolution.

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