Friday, November 07, 2008

This is the weekend to be out hunting

© By Othmar Vohringer

All across North America a huge cold weather front has moved in over night from the pacific and heading now east. Here in our region the temperature dropped from a balmy 50F (10 C) to 30F (0 C) over night with light snow flurries and up to two inches in elevations above 1,800 ft. (560 m) see level.

What this means is that you should be out hunting this weekend, the rut will kick in hard and deer will move all day long. Don’t forget to take rattling antlers and scent with you. This is a good time to rattle a big buck in or fool him with doe-in-estrus scent.

In a few hours I am heading out with my friends to the hunting camp north of Merritt, BC. We have planed the trip a few weeks ago and now it just got better with the weather change. I will be hunting hard all day long and hope you do the same this weekend. It is not going to get much better than this. If any of you shoot a buck this weekend, send me a report and picture.

Good luck to everybody and be safe.

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Tom Sorenson said...

We're hoping you're right! My mom is headed whitetail hunting here in Idaho today - will be gone for a week. Looks like the weather will cooperate - although they don't think sitting in a blind during freezing temps and snow is a good thing! :)

Anonymous said...

It sure does sound like a good weekend for hunting but, unfortunately my season does not start until the 19th.

CDGardens said...

I must agree about a good time to be whitetail hunting. The chasing activity has begun here in Iowa.

Only shotgun season doesn't open for a a few days less than a month here.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for all the comments. The weather did get the deer all stirred up as predicted. But heavy fog and icy rain made a mockery out of any attempt to hunt. You can read about our hunting weekend on my other blog “Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer”.

The good news is that this weekend another cold front is forecast, so guess where I will be. Back in the hunting camp.


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