Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Deer Contest – The Tyson Buck

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Gerry Tyson from Minnesota sent me his Whitetail Deer Passion – 2008 Big Deer Contest submission entry. Gerry shows us a fine example of a Minnesota – another big buck state – deer that he shot with a bow on October 31 of this year. Here in his own words is how he did it.

2008 Big Deer Contest entry # 002
Friday evening Oct. 31 I managed to run out to my deer stand after working late, at about 5:20 this big buck walked in after making a few grunt calls.

It was about a 25 yards shot and I tracked him for only 70 yards before finding this 9 point big guy!!! I took him to John's Taxidermy in Hastings where he weighed it and measured the rack.

The buck dressed out at 223 lbs., has a 19 3/4" inside spread and green scored aprox. 140. When I got home John called and said the deer was about 9 1/2 years old, (grandpa of the woods)!!! This is my first trophy buck by bow hunting so he's going on the wall.

Thanks for sharing your hunt with our readers and good luck in the contests.

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1 comment:

Adam said...

Great buck Gerry! A Pope and Young for your first bow big buck is awesome!

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