Thursday, November 13, 2008

Minnesota woman bags monster buck

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Holly A. Heyser from the NorCal Cazadora blog posted a great story of Kelly Gustafson, 23, of Welch, Minnesota and her incredible 27-point monster buck that she shot with her muzzleloader. Gustafson named the brute “Lesnar Buck” in honor of her favorite fighter Brock Lesner, former University of Minnesota wrestler. With three broken tines from previous fights the 27-point buck seems worthy of that nickname.

Kelly Gustafson shot the buck on Saturday, Nov. 8 – That’s the same day my two day mule deer buck hunt got spoiled by thick fog and ice rain – on her family's property along the Cannon River near Welch. Because Gustafson's husband works for a local hunting products company, Robinson Outdoors, she and her buck will be featured in next year's catalog.

You can read the full story on the NorCal Cazadora blog and on twin Pioneer Press

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