Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big Deer Contest – The ten point Illinois bow buck

© By Othmar Vohringer

The first 2008 Big Deer Contest Entry is from Adam and his Illinois bow buck. Here is Adams story and picture of the Illinois buck.

2008 Big Deer Contest entry # 001

“I took this southern Illinois ten pointer with my bow on November 7,2008 at 7:20am, on Shawnee National forest in Pope county, Illinois.

I rattled him in at 6:50 am and took a thirty-yard broadside shot and missed. I grunted and bleated a few more times and he came back to the same spot I had just missed him. The second shot hit its mark and the buck walked about 20 yards laid down and expired.

It is my first big buck with a bow. I scored the buck at 125 gross and 115 net. It was thirty-eight degrees and sunny. I had put out hunters specialties premium doe estrus doe urine and Hunters Specialties mega tarsal buck lure. I took him with a PSE Stinger set at 67 pounds and Beman bowhunter 340 carbon arrows topped with 100 grain Montec broadheads. It was my first time hunting outside of my home state of Georgia. It is a memory that I will cherish forever."

Congratulations to a fine buck Adam and good luck in the contest. Adam is the writer of theDeer Hunting Big Bucks blog.

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Adam said...

Thanks Othmar, for entering me in you big deer contest, I admire you and love your blog! Adam

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