Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whitetail Deer Contest: Entry 3

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Bill Brown from Martinsburg, WV sent me the following story and picture to enter in the Whitetail Deer Contest. “Land of Giants” seems appropriate when I look at the picture of his beautiful long timed buck. Congratulations Bill.

The Rut was on… So I decided it was time to hunt in the “Land of the Giants”.
This area was saved for the Rut.

Saturday Nov. 8 - 3 small Bucks on the move but no shooters.
Monday Nov. 10 - 3 more Bucks but no Wall Hangers. Most of the deer were traveling a
trail where I had not cleared a shooting lane. Since it was my first time hunting in this stand I noticed it wouldn’t take much pruning to clear a lane. At lunch I asked my hunting partner to help clear out a lane. His come back was “No time like now”. That evening we choose a different area to hunt. I harvested a mature doe.
Tuesday Nov 11 The Perfect Morning, no wind, frost on the ground and 28 deg. I took a doe at 7:05 I drug her under my stand. No sooner than I got back in my tree stand I saw a nice buck chasing a doe. She came thru the new lane but he lost interested. Then I looked to the left another huge doe was walking broad side. I couldn’t pass her up. I shot her @ 7:40 she crashed within site.

One hour later I was thinking what a good morning Two does. About 15 mins. later another doe came thru the new lane. I thought…. 3 would be a charm. She seemed to be calm I was going to take her. Then 2 more came running. As I set up I hoped for a buck chasing them. There he was. He had a nice rack. He stopped half way in the new lane and turned and looked towards my stand as I let the bolt fly. It looked like a good hit. I was out of bolts so I only waited a short while to look for him. No Blood… No Bolt… for 75 yards. Finally I found a good blood trail. I hung my hat in the tree and left. I went to my truck and field dressed the 2 does. By then it was 11 o’clock. Two of my hunting buddies Dave, Charlie & I went on the search. I located my hat & continued on the blood trail. Charlie was following the blood trail, Dave was circling and I was scouting the woods. I asked Charlie, do we still have blood? As he answered yes I looked about 40 yards away. I said WOW what a HOG!!!! Dave met up with us.

The celebration was on for me. Calling friends & Picture taking this was my second trophy buck this season. It took all 3 of us to get him back to my truck. Field dressed weight was estimated to be 200-220 lbs. 8 points with a 19 inch inside spread. I can’t gun hunt on this property but I will be using my crossbow during gun season.

To take part in the Whitetail Deer Contest 2009 read here.

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