Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whitetail Deer Contest: Entry 2

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CTCampers sent me his story and a picture of his Nebraska buck to enter into the contest. Just look at the mass in the antlers of that buck it’s a hog of a deer. Congratulations CTCampers and good luck in the contest.

The deer was taken 11/15/08 on the first morning of rifle season in Nebraska. It was shot with a Savage model 16 300 wsm, Winchester super X 180 grain. The B.C. green score was 221 the official score gross is 215 7/8 and net is 208 3/8, 26 point non-typical.

The deer was on top of a terrace at 160 yds. away with no angel to shot I had to move out of the trees to get a shot on him. He moved towards the fence line and I shot its about 130 yds. away and I thought he jumped the first shot and he turned and ran the bottom side of the terrace so I racked another round into the chamber he was on a dead run at 160 yds away when I shot the second time. He went on his back legs in the air and turned so he was facing the way he just come. The deer went about 30 yds. and dropped to the ground. I had hit him both times.

To take part in the Whitetail Deer Contest 2009 read here.

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Deer Tracking Cameras said...

What a Bruiser! Congrats!

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