Monday, October 03, 2011

Does peeing into a scrape really work?

© By Othmar Vohringer

It’s an age old question “ does peeing in a scrape really work”. Not so long ago hunters were told that peeing anywhere in the woods, let alone into a scrape, is a big no, no. Yet, there always have been successful hunters claiming that human urine works just as well, if not better, as a deer attractant than the commercially available deer urine products.

Many heated debates have ensued over this issue and the industry happily sold thousands of hunter urinals to the purists. Now however, it seems that there is some truth in the claim that peeing in a scrape attracts deer. A recent study has shown that deer, even old trophy bucks, actually are attracted to human urine. It is believed that testosterone in male urine is a major player in why bucks are attracted to male human urine in scrapes.

I believe I purchased my last bottle of deer urine about ten years ago and ever since pee in the woods when ever I have too. The idea of using my own urine as a deer attractant came to me when one afternoon I watched a large whitetail buck working a scrape really hard that I prior to climbing in my stand saturated with my own urine. From that day forward my own urine was the deer scent attractant of my choice.

Although most hunters think that scrapes are an estrous doe to buck communication point. I firmly believe (and science seems to back that idea up) that scrapes are actually a male-to-male communication point. While scientists admit that there needs to be a lot more research to be done before they can reach a conclusive opinion on the matter I will keep on using my own urine to attract deer. As far as I am concerned I’ve have the proof that it works on my wall and in the freezer.

How do you feel about this interesting subject? Would you pee in a scrape or on a trail or are you of the opposite opinion that hunters should avoid relieving themselves in the woods when hunting?


TYNI said...

Honestly, I'm more of a why mess with nature type guy. If a deer's scrape is a communication piece between bucks or deer in general why put something foreign into the picture? However, countless times hunters have told me their pee has attracted deer...I've also heard of hunters spooking deer too though.

I'm a proud supporter of a deer urine scent line which freezes their urine upon harvesting as to hault ammonia build up and when thawed is literally like using fresh urine from a deer. I'm not a fan of the chemically enhanced or altered stuff because it's not's more of a pee scented perfume.

That all said I would use my own urine which chemically is close to that of deer's before ever using some enhanced or synthetic urine you find everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I was just in my stand tonight and it was just a couple of minutes before dark, when, being over 50, I decided to see whether human urine attracted deer or not. As soon as I started the process, out of nowhere, came a buck running right toward, where I had and was still urinating within what seemed like 2 seconds he was there sniffing and all excited covering more than 40 yards in what seemed like a split second. Due to the cover on that side of the stand, I had to verify it was a deer, as I couldn't believe my eyes/ears. Now you can be sure, no myth about the attraction, I was absolutely amazed.

joetterer said...

First time I've ever even heard of THIS concept.

spike said...

I am always peeing outside, while hunting.I think it works great for attracting deer. While at it is a place to pee and hunt. Good luck to you guys, great stories.

justin said...

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard.. I don't care what anyone says but a mature buck will not come in to human urine.. That's so stupid

Othmar Vohringer said...

@ Justin. Studies have shown that deer are not able to identify human urine because they have not made the connection to humans.

If a deer would see a human peeing and then smell on it they probably could make the connection to danger. Deer are very curious animals and as long they do not associate a particular smell with danger they are attracted to it. Of course the scent control industry would like you to believe different. But as I said the research results prove that peeing in the woods attracts deer, even mature bucks.


Anonymous said...

I'm a lady and most every time I have pee out of a stand I have deer come to it. PS Justin you stupid I bet you have never Ben hunting a day in your life

Othmar Vohringer said...

thank you for the comment anonymous.

Without wanting to sound crude, there is a particular time in a month where I wish my wife would come hunting with me and had to pee. :)


Nick R. said...

I'm new to hunting, this being my first season. My mentor I've know my whole life says just hold it, don't piss where we are hunting. I spent a couple days without him during regular season a couple weeks ago. Closing day, as I left my truck I HAD to get rid of the coffee I consumed. After being out all day, and no success, I arrived at my truck to find the most prominent/fresh scrape I saw all season and the start of a rub on the small tree close by. I'm still up in the air on it, but I think from now on I might just stick to taking a leak wherever I feel is necessary. This is just my two cents.

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