Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big deer Contest – Ben’s Minnesota Bow Buck

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Here is another young hunters entry. Ben Walsvik from Minnesota sat on a warm early season evening in his stand and despite mosquitoes and doubts in his stand choice he stayed just a little bit longer and was rewarded handsomely for his patience.

Congratulations Ben to a very nice buck and good luck in the contest.

Here is Ben’s story and picture. Enjoy!

Big Deer Contest Entry #005

It was September 13th, less then two weeks until my 18th birthday and the opener of the 2008 Minnesota bow season. I got to my stand, a homemade hang-on, about 5 in the afternoon, whit about 3 hours of light left.

The day was warm, with a slight breeze not just best hunting conditions but I was still pumped since that morning I had watched this place from a distance and had seen a couple of bucks pass by. Two mosquito-filled and a deer-less hour later I was beginning to doubt my stand choice.

However, it soon gets a lot better. I bit after 7, I begin to hear a deer working its way through the swamp, and 15 minutes later a small 8-point steps out. As it is the first day I let him pass, and am I glad I did! Just about as soon as the 8-point left, out steps a wide racked buck, and my heart goes into overdrive.

He stops about 35 yards away and starts sniffing the wind and looking around, several times looking right at me. After what seemed like an eternity, but was only 5 minutes or so, and many prayers later, he finally turns his head away from me, allowing me to draw. My PSE Mach-X, launching a Rage tipped Easton Axis found its mark. An hour later after a short blood trail, I found my trophy.

If you would like to enter our 2008 Big Deer Contest and become eligible to win a fantastic prize, provided by the good folks at Versus Country, read the contest entry rules here.

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Adam said...

Congratulations to Ben on a fine buck!

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