Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Deer Contest – Robbie’s Michigan Doubleheader

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I am always tickled when hunters send me pictures and stories of their success. I genuinely enjoy others success the same way I do mien. But I am particularly happy when a young or a novice hunter shows off his or her first success. For young Robbie from Michigan lady luck stroked him twice on the same day.

Congratulations Robbie and I hope you have the same luck in the contest as you had with hunting with your father and grandfather.
Here is the story in Robbie’s own words. Enjoy!

2008 Big Deer Contest # 004

It was November 15, 2008, and I was hunting with my Grandpa in Michigan. At 7:45, a buck walked out at 170 yards and I shot him. It looked like a nice buck, only after the shot, I couldn't tell what had happened. I radioed my Dad, and he advised me to wait a while before attempting to track it. At 8:00, I spotted another buck at 155 yards, which was a much bigger deer. I promptly brought up the gun, and shot him. He dropped, and I turned to my Grandpa and said, "He's down, and he's big, let's go get him!" It turns out, that both the deer were 8 points, and I had dropped them both! They were laying not 20 yards away from each other! The bigger buck will score around 120, and the smaller buck is one that I would be thrilled with, but he doesn't look as big next to the big one. So, after an hour of hunting, I have now been promoted/demoted to official deer driver.

I would like to thank my Grandpa, and my Dad for willingly sacrificing most of their hunting time to help a lot of kids (including me) go hunting.

If you would like to enter our 2008 Big Deer Contest and become eligible to win a fantastic prize, provided by the good folks at Versus Country, read the contest entry rules here.

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Anonymous said...

Two nice bucks in one day. You can't get much better than that.
Congratulations on a job well done.

Adam said...

That's an awesome story Robbie! Congratulation on two fine bucks!

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