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Choosing The Right Treestand… (Ladder Stand)

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Ladder Stand:
As the baby boomer generation grows older these stands have become very popular in recent years. While not so long ago one had to look far and wide to find a good quality ladder stand, these days every treestand manufacturer offers a variety of models. Some ladder stand models are so roomy that they can accommodate up to two hunters, which is great for the father introducing his child to hunting.

The ladder stand is quite heavy and in most cases needs two people to set up. It’s also hands down the safest stand a hunter can use due to the fact that the stand remains in contact with the ground at all times. Because of that the stand is also easy to access and descend. Some of the better models, especially the ones designed for two people, are very comfortable to sit on with padded seat and back cushions. Ladder stands have an almost limitless application as long as there is a tree strong enough to lean a ladder against it will work for a ladder stand.

The downside with ladder stands is that they are very visible to deer and other hunters and at an average weight of 40 pounds plus the bulkiness they are not exactly easy to transport. However, in areas that have dense undergrowth and brushy trees where a hang-on or climbing stand would not work well a ladder stand will be perfect. These stands are also perfect for hunters that have one or two “hot spots” that produce deer every. On such places a ladder stand can be set up and left as permanent stand. Also hunters that are not very agile and need a stand that is easy to get in and out of will like the ease and comfort of the ladder stand.

As mentioned earlier the ladder stand is quite heavy and bulky, plus it takes considerable time to put it together and set up. Considering all these factors the ladder stand is not what I call portable by any stretch of imagination. I have two ladder stands and having them has let me hunt places from an elevated position that would otherwise not have been possible with other stand models.

In the next post we will look at Tripod Stands.

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