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Choosing The Right Treestand… (Tripod Stand)

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Tripod Stand:
This is not a treestand in the strictest sense because no tree is needed to set it up. The tripod stand is a self-supporting unit, but since it is listed under “treestands” in hunting goods catalogs and permits the hunter to get above the game I have included them here too. A tripod stand is the perfect choice to hunt brush country, marshes, corn and bean fields. This stand will get the hunter above the vegetation and lets him see into the thick tangled brush, corn and reed stems. Also here in British Columbia where we often glass large overgrown cut blocks for mule deer I have often thought that a tripod, set up on the edge of a woodlot, would come in handy.

Tripod stands are very heavy and take considerable time to set up. As the name suggests the tripod stand consists of three legs, one of which serves as a ladder to access the stand. At the top of the tripod a platform is installed and a seat. The better models feature a swivel seat affording a 360-degree view of the hunting area by simple swivelling around on the seat- a bit like an office chair. Tripod stands can be prone to tipping over in windy conditions or if the hunter suddenly shifts his weight from one to the other side. It is therefore advisable to add additional anchoring to the stand. This is simply achieved by attaching ropes at the point where the three legs meet under the standing platform and then tying the ropes onto metal or wooden spokes that have been driven into the ground around the tripod. Some manufacturers deliver an anchoring system with their tripods while others offer it as an after market product. Either way I strongly recommend using an anchoring system to improve the safety aspect of a tripod stand.

Like the ladder stand the tripod too is not portable. The stand comes with many different parts and needs to be completely assembled. This takes time and due to the weight of up to 100 pounds and the consequent bulkiness, depending on the model, two to three people to assemble and set up. I never owned a tripod stand but at the drop of a hat O can think of at least two occasions where I wished I had one. One was in a cornfield that was home to some very large bucks and the other place was a cattail marsh that was the home to very large and smart buck.

In the next post we will look at maintaining a treestand to keep it in good working order and how to prevent treestand theft.

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